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 Cafe Manila Internet Cafe Sytem

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Cafe Manila Internet Cafe Sytem Cafe

This is an on-line real time cyber café management software that simply manages your client machines such as monitoring, locking to process easier in the Internet cafe business.

It doesn't matter how big is your cyber cafe, this is capable of controlling any number of workstations. It is designed to be of great help for all cyber cafe owners, operators and customers.

Rental Owners Benefits

* More secure for your income
* Full protect your system
* Easier manage your business
* Get more for "Cash Flow" immediately
* More attractive for your customer to come in next time
* Enhance your cyber cafe more professional look Rental

Customer Benefits

* By minute user charge
* Customer can view their time consume and amount to pay
* Easily to limit the usage time or payment of themselves
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Cafe Manila Internet Cafe Sytem
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